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Shawn’s ELECTION DAY schedule and Pick Up Truck Tour Stops - Tuesday, November 2

6:45am Ellsworth – Have breakfast with family and supporters at Sylvia’s Restaurant (leave by 7:45am)

8:25am Brewer- Visit Green Point Auto field office to thank supporters and greet people at the polls in Brewer (leave by 9:10am)

11:10am Lewiston - Stop at Lindy’s field office to thank supporters and swing into the Lewiston polls (leave by 11:55am)

12:35pm Windham- Go to Varney’s to thank supporters and stop at the polls to meet voters (leave by 1:20pm)

1:45pm Gorham- Shawn and Chris will vote at the Gorham Municipal Center and the Moody family will meet here (leave by2:30pm)

3:15pm Wells- Visit Dunbar Water field office to thank supporters – then stop at the polls to greet voters (leave by 4:00pm)

4:30pm Berwick- Thank supporters at Salmon Falls field office, then make a stop at the polls to meet more voters (leave by 5:15pm)

6:15pm Scarborough- Stop at the Scarborough polls at Scarborough High School to meet Treasurer Bobby Philbrick (leave by 7:00pm with Bobby)

7:30pm South Portland to greet supporters at the polls at the South Portland Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs

8:00pm Hot Dogs, Beans and Brown Bread Suppah at Moody’s Collision Gorham.

If any volunteers are available anytime on Tuesday, including election night festivities at Moody’s Collision Center, please contact Campaign Headquarters.

I’m Shawn Moody, and I’m running for Governor.

Who is Shawn Moody? Perhaps I should start by explaining who I am not. I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a liberal. I’m not a conservative. I never constructed that “box” we’re told to think out of. I registered as an Independent at the age of 18 because it didn’t make sense to me to “choose sides.” Over the years, I have voted for candidates and referendums representing all political parties.

style=”text-align: center;”>I have a clear and passionate vision for Maine.  I’m optimistic about Maine’s future. We have the quality of life others dream about. We have an abundance of renewable natural resources. We have honest, hard working people who care.

It’s not complicated.  

Let’s clear our heads, reset our priorities and get back to work. 

How many times have we heard “small business is the backbone of our country?” I truly believe that statement. Small business represents 90% of the businesses in Maine and will play a vital role in creating and retaining the jobs we most desperately need to grow.

Consumer confidence directly correlates with consumer spending. You don’t hear as much about business confidence, but the same holds true. When elected, I will start restoring business confidence on day one. You can trust that Shawn Moody will work hard to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of Maine’s growth and prosperity.

The reason I’m running for Governor of the great State of Maine is I truly believe that with my life experience and track record of success, I am the best man for the job! Please join that commitment to step up and change our course.

The time has come for us to take responsibility for our future.